Video-enhanced Solutions for Education!

Video-enhanced Solutions for Education!

Video-enhanced Solutions for Education!Video-enhanced Solutions for Education!Video-enhanced Solutions for Education!

Innovation Leader in Video Phones, Bars & Video-enhanced Large IFPs Panels!

NEXVOO® products



The NEXBOARD™ Series offers all-in-one touch monitors that are designed with thin bezels, more responsive touch technology, 4K UHD resolution, 4K camera, far-field mics, and crystal-clear speakers.   

  • 4K Camera inside
  • 4 Microphones built-in
  • Advanced IR touch technology enables responsive touch for a smooth writing experience and higher touch accuracy
  •  178° viewing angle lets you see the screen clearly no matter where you sit in the room
  • 4k display shines as the focal point for creativity in the workplace
  • Remote collaboration with face to face video in 4K


NEXBAR™ Series

The NEXBAR™ Series provides built-in  120-degree lenses,  next generation  microphones array, pick up voice clearly, provides everyone studio quality  video and audio. Optimized audio for huddle rooms acoustics, Advanced AI speaker tracking and automatic framing  technology, let everyone to be seen clearly.  Sleek USB  video bar, easy to install, easy to connect with PC or MAC.

  • Ideal for rooms of up to 10 participants
  • AI speaker auto framing and auto tracking
  • Next generation audio far-field pickup, powerful noise blocking technology
  • Works with nearly any video platform



Designed with stylish ID, target for office communication, the   

NEXFONE™ Series is an easy-to-use office phone with a full adjustable view angle and a HD multi-point touch screen to show your meetings clearly. The HD Voice technology makes it possible for you to can deliver your voice crystal clear to all meeting participants and make the call life-like and vibrant. The NEXFONE™ Series uses Gigabit Ethernet to make your call and connect with your PC. The Nexvoo phones deliver high quality technology and affordable prices

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